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I miss lj so much.
Spent my chill time the last few days reading entries from 2011 on . . .
I'm on tumblr as honoriaw but it's not the same

miss you all

miss myself


Sep. 1st, 2014 08:04 am
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Just popping in to say hi.
I haven't been on lj much, 'cos so much of my flist went to tumblr. I'm on there as honoriaw, tho I don't do many original post and mostly reblog stuff.

I love you all.
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Hay, anybody know what's up with [livejournal.com profile] elizardbits?
Journal emptied, tumblr down.

Are you ok?
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Many years ago, I made a family mix for my xmas gift to my family (everybody got a CD).
This was HarleyQ's song:
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Had a rough week, mentally. Just the usual (once-constant) apathy and anxiety.
Bit better now. Made some soaps, did some proofing, went outside and bought myself lunch. Feel less losery/empty/useless atm. Good.
Got new roomie, for at least next 3 months, possibly longer. Old friend of current roomie. Seems nice, gave me money.

Apparently, I am the only person who likes "Seasons in the Sun." Did not know 'twas originally a Jacques Brel song. Huh. Have found many other versions from around the world.



They basically sound EXACTLY like the Terry Jacks version I know. Kinda dull.
And then I found the Nirvana version (warning--will pull you into a swamp of despair):
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from the Atlantic Monthly archives (ends rather abruptly):
My Friend the Jew "The system had been operating all around me from the day I came to college, and I had never seen it. I was a non-Jewish freshman pledged to a Jewish fraternity." (October 1934)

General info about Sheean: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/SPsheean.htm

hey guys

Feb. 21st, 2014 09:49 pm
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Having a bit of a night--bit of a problem with the crying. Went for stuff to cheer me up, figured I'd post it up to share.
That cool end credits song from Thor:

And the song from Avengers:

I'm really lonely tonight.
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I remember Doric Wilson talking about moving to LA for a while during those early years. And then returning to NY, and "all my friends were dead."

Monday is Doric Wilson's birthday. The TOSOS company is getting together on Sunday in his honor. I won't be there due to a previous engagement. Miss him so damn much.
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Great Big Sea, "Boston and St. John's"
Hey! More a capella! "Old Brown's Daughter"

Really good Godspell medley on Letterman
(I've mentioned this before, but basically, the less I believe, the more I can sing and enjoy these songs)

Oh, oh, omg ... there was a song written just for the movie version of Godspell, which I never liked...and then, after 9/11, the songwriter made new lyrics for all of us...
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Okay, I posted this KT Tunstall live acoustic bit a while back, and it's still lovely (oh, just play it, you'll recognize the song once she hits the chord at :26. Aw, hell yeah):

Aw, hell, I'm pretty sure I was posting all these on another night some years ago, but I don't caaaare...
De Barge, "Rhythm of the Night"--
The De Franco Family, "Heartbeat, It's a Love Beat"--
...and now I take a turn into "The Night Shift"--
Oh, what the hell...I remember this very vividly...Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (First moonwalk)(Motown 25th Anniversary)--
Going back a few years for The Captain and Tenille w/ "Muskrat Love"
and back again for Otis Day and the Nights, from the Animal House s'track--

Okay, dammit, I can't find the scene from Moonlighting where Bruce Willis dances w/Dana Delany in the light of car headlight to "This Old Heart of Mine."
I mean, that scene carbonated my hormones, yanno. I wanted to be dancing in those headlights with Dana...

BTW, if you don't recognize these, no worries. Just means you're a lovely young creature...
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Having one of those nights...was listening to Stan Rogers and picking songs for my funeral ("Mary Ellen Carter" barely edged out "Northwest Passage"); started thinking about the past.
I'm Yale class of '91. A cappella was very big in my years there.

Some more recent versions of my favorites:
This was THE signature song for Mixed Company in my day..."Zombie Jamboree"
"Pretending to Care" (there was a lot of residual Rundgren during my time there):
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzHgR2bnzBg *
...and "Hodja"
"Ghost" from '08
(All above are different incarnations of Mixed Company)
"Once I Had a Sweetheart"
I remember Gretchen singing this...made me cry every time...
I think she also sang lead on "Honest Work." No recordings online of that time, but I love this recent version, where you can hear the lovely, painful harmony (not quite the same as my years'):

Can't find a Yale recording, so here's a Dartmouth group singing "Up the Ladder to the Roof"

BTW, none of these hold a candle to the Mixed Company of MY day (okay, "Ghost" was after my time...). I have an excellent cassette album of them somewhere....

Damn. Can't find a clip of Something Extra's version of "Operator, Get Me Jesus on the Line."

Okay, here's the New Blue singing "Runs in the Family"...not as good as the arrangement from back when, but lovely
(One Xmas, I played this song off its creaky cassette for grace at our family dinner)

*Ah, here's my favorite performance by Todd:
I mean, holy fuck, that hurts so good...

Okeydokey, gonna post now
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The disturbingly brilliant new game,Hitler or Lovecraft?
(Dammit, can't remember whose tumblr I found this on.)
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OMG guys, a2zmom just posted an entry about the Hank classic "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" with many wonderful cover I've never heard!!!!!!
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Excellent article. For once, read the comments. Starts off w/a fight about use of the Icelandic patronymic in English-language journalism, moves on to a discussion of how if Iceland is Western Europe's Alabama, then are the Faroe Islands Mississippi, and on into a rather Scandinavia and the World-style excerpt from a 70s Harvard Lampoon essay and some jokes that sound like they come from the Nordic version of a Borscht-belt routine, recommendation for an interesting-sounding Matthew Kneale novel where the Manx laugh at the English....
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